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The World’s First Thermal Obturator with a Pink Gutta Percha Carrier.

GuttaFill® Vulcanized Compounding produces GuttaPerfect™ the world’s first pink gutta percha carrier that gives you all the benefits you want.

Gutta Percha, the standard in Endodontic Obturation Gutta Percha has been used for over 150 years in dentistry. It is tried, true, and trusted in Endodontics. But until now, a pink gutta percha thermal carrier was not possible. U.S. Endo has made it possible by Vulcanized Compounding of gutta percha.  We have taken the best properties of Gutta Percha and made them perfect with GuttaPerfect.  

Think of the benefits and what’s possible: 

  • A Pink gutta percha carrier that is strong to place in the canal 
  • Easy to place

  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to create post space
  • Easy to retreat
  • Dense 3-D obturation   
  • Synthetic gutta percha
  • Works with your current system

GuttaFill® allows for great 3D obturation in even the most challenging cases. GuttaFill®’s proprietary gutta percha, Gutta Perfect, makes a pink carrier that centrally compacts and hydraulically spreads the gutta percha around it to flow equally in three dimensions throughout the canal system. 

Use Your Current System and Oven

You can use GuttaFill® to fill cases shaped by WaveOne, ProTaper, GT or GT Series X, Vortex, ProFile, Sequence, K3, or TF File to provide great, beautiful fills. It will fill all tip sizes and tapers (.04, .06, .08, .10) from size 20 to size 50. Also use the same settings on your current Thermal Obturator oven.

Easy to Remove Handle and Shaft

The handle and shaft comes off easily by either a few gentle bends at the handle from side to side or by taking a spoon excavator at the canal orifice and pushing the spoon against the shaft, it will separate at the orifice. Then the excess gutta percha is easily scooped away.

Easy to Make Post Space and Retreat

GuttaFill®'s provides great 3D obturation which flows warm gutta percha easily and efficiently throughout the canal system, but that is only part of it, You can also create post space and retreat cases just as if it were gutta percha… because it is made from gutta percha, it’s GuttaPerfect. Use your current technique for creating post space and retreatment method to remove the GuttaFill carrier from the canal.